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Bear & Wolverine

Welcome to a unique place for naturephotography, where you can see both Brown Bear and Wolverine and where we take you out too see beaver and moose.

Watching Brown Bear & Wolverine

From Swedens only floating photo-hide you can watch these exciting predators in their natural habitat on a save and secure way at only 25 meters away from the cabine. Our cabin, which lays on a lake deep in the forrest, is stabilized, and aspecialy equiped for photo and filming. In the cabine we have four chairs, three beds and a small toilet. For the colder nights there is a small heather and a gasoline stove to cook water.

Latin Names:
European Brown bear – Ursus arctos
Wolverine – Gulo gulo


It’s absolute fantastic to see this Swedish “King of the Forest”Moose can be seen everywhere and almost the whole year.Early spring and summer we take you out on a Jeep-tour.

Period: April – September

Latin Name: Alces alces


Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe…, smoothly gliding on the water surface and all of a sudden there comes a Beaver swimming towards you, and splashing with his tail on the water….

Period: May – August

Beaver-watching is best in the early evening, those few hours before it gets dark. From May till August we take you out on a canoetour on the river “Ängraån”.During this trip we will pass 7 different Beaver-lodges, so the probability that you will get to see a beaver this tour is really big. By clicking here you will get to see a film about our Canoe-Beavertrip. In the canoe there is place for two people, after the tour we serve coffee and some snacks.

Latin Name: Castor fiber